Christmas Card

Gepubliceerd op 27 januari 2023 om 16:27

Every year, I try, to start the Christmas card on time. In June the thought comes along in my head... Maybe I can make some sketches... That's all. No sketches, just a thought. This is also the case in July, August, September... In October it gets a bit more serious, what will be the subject of the illustration? I knew that one quickly!  In August 2022 we got pigs! A dream come true! I have two beautiful KuneKune pigs named Lilly (three years) and Tommy (8 months). They will come on our Christmas card. And that was it again. In November I get a bit more nervous, but still nothing on paper.

But the nice thing about my brain is that I can draw and work out in my head. I know what my style is, I know broadly what I can do. But everything happens in my brain. The card was already finished at the beginning of November. But then he still has to come on paper.


Today, December 18, I'm making our Christmas card like a crazy woman. The card will probably arrives too late for everyone. But I really want to make the illustration myself. Because I think illustrating is a great thing to do. So especially if I can send the illustration to family and friends!


Let's keep working..... I made this sketch in 5 seconds for my husband to explain what I was going to make... Hahaha, do you like it?

This is my first 'real' sketch. I use this one to put the illustration on the right kind of paper. I use very smooth watercolor paper. I don't like textured paper.

This is the first setup, you can see that I have already applied the shadows. Because these are so important in this drawing.

And this is the final result. What do you think?

Oh, and you might like to see these two pictures! These cuties are Lilly (blond) and Tommy (black and white) in real life. 😊


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