Yes, we are drawing again!

Oh, how nice that was! Finally an assignment to make an illustration. I had actually caused the assignment myself, because I had thought of making a Zine (mini magazine) for all host families of the kitten shelter where I took in kittens. Due to the corona, our drink was always postponed and then eventually canceled. But it was nice to end the year together, especially after all the sick kittens we've had in our care over the past few months. The Zine turned out great, many nice reactions. Unfortunately, it is not for the general public. But I can share some of my work with you. Our first kitten of this year, Floris, was almost ready to spread his wings when it turned out that he was very ill. In the end, the vet found what he has, namely FIP. A deadly disease for cats. I will discuss FIP further on the cat blog, because there is now a treatment that is relatively unknown and difficult. For now I will tell you more about Floris, because he was given the opportunity to write a column for the Zine!! Includes an illustration! Here's his very first column:

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