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I am trained as a skilled zookeeper with a specialization in the care of cats. I have studied everything about felines. I have worked in animal shelters, veterinary practices and at the zoo with the feline predators. Also done courses for cat behavior therapy and TTouch techniques and I am now taking a course on cat nutrition and a course on a harmonious multi-cat household. So you can call me a cat expert. On this website I blog about the adventures of my own cats and write articles about caring for cats. Do you have a question? Are you looking for advice or a nice idea? Respond via my contact form or under the article.

Your cat is a kidneypatiƫnt now... what to do...

Yes... what will my first cat blog be about. Well, I've actually known that for a while. It's about kidney disease in cats. No, not a very happy topic. But it is an important one and it is also close to my heart. Last May (2021) we had to put our dearest Oliver to sleep. Both hisis kidneys affected and the ultrasound showed that there was little left of the kidneys. We managed to keep Oliver alive for a year, but if you can no longer offer a cat a happy life because he or she is so very ill... Then, unfortunately, it's the end of the line.

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